Rubik: Playing with Sedna XML Database and JAXB

I become interested recently in the NoSQL movement, due to an interview with Ryan King and a recent project at work, so, I finally decided to start playing with other than relationals databases. After some searches I choose Sedna XML Database, which is really simple to put in movement and has a good documentation and API support. Then a colleague of mine (gloob) recommended me to use JAXB for the model part of the application, and thus, I found I was developing a simple XML CMS.

The application simulates the workflow of a publishing, where redactors write articles and those articles are published by editors grouped by pages. There is also a simple implementation of an RBAC to control users permissions.

I see some advantages on using this kind of storages:


I also use Eclipse IDE for this project.

Installing Sedna

Download the shell script installer (It’s easier than the tar.gz) and run it with root privileges. It will ask the folder you want to install Sedna and the place you want to put the commands links. That’s all.

For more information about starting the server and creating databases read the Sedna documentation.

The Rubik application


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

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