Reflection and WindowList extensions for Gnome Shell

Classic style desktop for GnomeShell.



This is an extension that gives you a classic style desktop. What it basically does is:

Does GnomeShell Reflection make sense?

Reflection (and WindowList) are mainly designed for the Guadalinex distro. Guadalinex is a regional distribution for Andalusia (Spain) since 2003 and it has many users in the Andalusian Autonomous Government. Many of these users are very familiar with most common desktops, like Windows or the classic Gnome, and not all of these users are prepared for the hard changes of usability introduced by GnomeShell.

So, we decide to provide a smooth transition to GnomeShell by developing these extensions.

Hot corners feature

This feature has been disabled by default, but you can activate it easily. Just change the value of the UPDATE_HOT_CORNERS constant in gnome-shell-reflection/extension.js file.

Accessibility icon

Same as above. Just change the value of the TRAY_ICON_ACCESSIBILITY constant.


Because the message tray area has been moved to the top of the screen, I changed some CSS attributes for the message tray gradient and the rounded borders of the notifications to look right. If you want this changes copy gnome-shell.css to /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme folder.


WindowList creates a classic window list applet for the new GnomeShell panel. It removes the actual “window button” (which isn’t very useful in my opinion) and shows a list of opened applications. By clicking in the application button a menu opens with a list of windows of that application.


These extensions are hosted in GitHub: